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Centered Mind Centered Body Workshop

Christine & I had a fab time last weekend pooling our expertise in this workshop.

The group of attendees were of varying experience with different equestrian goals.  We met at Crow Wood Equestrain Centre where we spent 3 hrs together.  The feedback included comments that rider awareness had been increased.  Riders had more confidence in maintaining a positive & calm attitude during competitions.  The importance and use of anchors in improving performance.

The Centered Riding exercises incorporated the gym ball and reins, which many attendees felt improved their awareness & understanding of their own influence on their horse.

Simple exercises to relieve tension were practised as a group in a fun but informative style.

Overall a follow up workshop is to be scheduled as there was a definite interest among the attendees to learn more of the techniques Christine & I introduced.

So, more horse riding & training tips to be revealed in Part 2 of this workshop early next year!

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