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Your Horse Live! Report

This was our second year at Your Horse Live! with our Centered Riding stand.  This year we took the trampette, balance balls, some sets of reins and a gym ball for our fun demonstrations.  Business was steady the whole weekend which suited us well as we took our turns on the rota to (wo)man the stand.

There were numerous horse training demos, but my favourites were my all time heroine Mary King with Imperial Cavalier and Carl Hester & Charlotte Du Jardin.

Mary was informative, funny and inspiring.┬á What struck me most was her deep and┬álasting excitement about the Olympics and the deep bond she has with ‘Archie’ (Imperial Cavalier).┬á He was cheeky on the first day, knocking down an easy cross pole in disdain.┬á Then the second day he suddenly stopped in the centre of the arena and looked at one of the huge posters which showed a photo of a horse’s head.┬á Mary let him walk closer to it to have a good look.┬á We all ‘ahh’d’ as he was obviously intrigued by it.┬á Mary laughed and commented that he hadn’t seen the one next to it yet which showed a grey horse.

Of course, Carl & Charlotte’s demo was very well attended also.┬á She was led in at first as the 4 yo she was riding was a little shaken after ‘lying down in the car park’ as Carl put it.┬á The horse was fine thankfully.┬á Charlotte gave a consumate horse riding demonstration to show off his big walk and balanced easy trot.┬á Carl was keen to mention that such a young horse only needs 30 mins work and that he keeps most of his horses turned out overnight so they aren’t fizzed up when they are ridden the next day.┬á He takes a young horse to shows just to get them used to the environment, and┬áthe youngster┬áwas definitely more at ease with the crows on his last performance of the weekend.

The camaraderie between Charlotte and Carl was very clear and a joy to see.

More on the weekend in the next blog.   Happy Horse Riding!


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